Hugging Friends

DailyStrength is all about support, encouragement, love and sometimes just a high five. With our newly designed hugs feature, you can send various expressions of encouragement any time you feel the need.

The following video tutorial shows how to send a member a hug on the new DailyStrength website:



Second method to send a hug:

From your profile page, click on the “Hugs” tab to the far right just below your cover photo.


You will be redirected to your hug book where you can click “Send A Hug”.


A screen will pop up asking you to fill in the recipients name, emoticon and message. Once complete press send and the hug is on it’s way! You can also choose delete or press the “X” to cancel at any time.

Want to return a hug? Simply click “Hug Back” next to the hug you want to return and follow the previous steps.


To view a list of all the hugs you’ve sent, click “View Sent Hugs” below the “Send A Hug” button.

To delete any unwanted hugs or to clean up your hug book, select the hugs you want to get rid of and click “delete” in the green bar above the hug list. You can also select all hugs at once to delete if necessary.

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