Composing a New Journal Entry

Sharing stories is good for the soul and good for other DailyStrength members who may be experiencing similar conditions. We’ve made it easier to share your story by improving the journal writing feature.



Instructions for Creating a New Journal Entry:

To create a new journal entry:

- Sign into your DailyStrength account and click “Journals” from the sub navigation menu, located below the DailyStrength logo.

- You will be redirected to the journals page. Click on the “+New Journal” button. 


- Next, a form will pop up asking you to fill in the journal title and the body of the journal.



- You can also choose a mood for your journal to express how you were feeling at the time of writing. Click on the emoticon that best describes your mood.

- By default, your Journal is visible to everyone on DailyStrength. You can change this by clicking the drop-down and changing visibility. You can also save a draft of your Journal if you want to finish it later.

- Once you complete your Journal, press “Publish” and your Journal will be enjoyed by those whom you’ve chosen to see it! If you want to cancel your journal simply click on the “X” at anytime and nothing will be saved.


Adding an Image to Your Journal Entry:

To include an image from your computer in your journal entry:

1. Navigate to the form where you create a new journal entry.

2. Underneath the journal's title field you will see a menu that has several buttons which allow you style the entry. On the far right side, click on the square button that looks like it has a mountain and sun inside of it.



- You will be taken to a form where you can upload an image either by dragging and dropping the image from your computer into the form, or by clicking on the "Browse and Upload" button.


- Once your image has been selected, you can use the tools found at the bottom of the form to adjust your image (zoom in and out, rotate, etc). Hover your cursor over each of the buttons and mouse-over text will appear, describing what each button does. When you're ready to insert the image into your journal entry, click on the button located on the far-right side of the form... The mouse-over text that pops up for that button should read "Crop and Insert".



- You will then be brought back to the main journal entry creation form where you can continue to craft your entry. When you're ready to publish your entry, click the orange "Publish" button, located at the bottom of the form.

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