Can anyone see my profile? How do I make my profile more private?

You can set privacy options for your profile to control who can view it. You have the option to choose from three settings for your profile page:

  • Everyone - Allow any visitor to see your profile.
  • DS Members - Allows only DailyStrength members to see your profile.
  • Friends Only - Allows only your DailyStrength friends to see your profile.

Those who don't have access to your profile, according to the option you select, will only see your DailyStrength avatar (main profile picture), cover photo and username.

To set your profile privacy:

  1. Sign into your DailyStrength account.
  2. Click on your avatar located near the top-right side of the page to expand the notification drawer.
  3. Click on the "Profile" link.
  4. Select your profile privacy settings under the "Profile Visibility" section.
  5. Click the orange "Submit" button once you have finished editing your profile settings.


Please know that some content, such as discussion posts, are public and will always be viewable by anyone who visits the site, including search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc). For for those reasons we recommend choosing an anonymous username and avoid posting any personally identifiable information


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