How does the abuse reporting process work?

It's our goal to respond to each abuse report we receive within 72 hours - during normal business hours, however, our response time is usually much quicker. In our response we will let you know that your report has been received, and that our Member Care team will be investigating the report.

If necessary, we may also ask you to provide us with additional information, such as the links to the content which you feel violates the Rules of the Road. Note: If you received a hug, journal/photo comment or private message you feel is abusive, please do not delete it if you want a DailyStrength administrator to see the original content in order to determine if any actions against the member should be taken.

Every single abuse report we receive is investigated by a DailyStrength administrator, and a member will not be issued a warning unless he/she has violated the Rules of the Road. DailyStrength administrators review both public and private communication to determine if disciplinary action is warranted. To respect and protect the privacy of all members, we cannot disclose if we are going to or have warned or banned another member you have reported. Also, if a warning or ban is issued, we cannot tell that member who reported him/her.

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