What to do in a crisis.

What to do in a Crisis

If you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately.

If a member of our site is threatening to harm themselves or others, contact your local law enforcement authority.

If ever you are feeling despondent, suicidal, or simply in need of speaking with someone about your problems, please be aware that there are numerous hotlines with trained operators available to help you. These hotlines are free to use and completely anonymous. Please note that these resources are not associated with DailyStrength.

This list was last updated on 02/08/2016.

Remember that these organizations exist to help you.

Suicide Prevention / Depression

Rape, Abuse & Domestic Violence

Substance Abuse / Alcoholism

Gay / Lesbian Issues

Medical Emergencies

Women's Health / Pregnancy / Sexual Health

If you are aware of other helplines or organizations that might benefit our members, please let us know.

Please understand that while DailyStrength cares deeply about our users and their wellbeing, we also believe in anonymity as a key part of what enables people to share on our site. For that reason, we do not collect phone numbers or home addresses of our users and lack the resources, information and tools to investigate or call local authorities in the event of an emergency. Forwarding the above hotline information is the best resource both we and you can provide to someone in need.

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