Account Privacy

Making sure you are in control of your information on the Internet is no easy task. When you create an account on any website it is important to understand what tools and features are available to safe guard your personal information. At DailyStrength, we provide many tools and features that, when configured correctly, will protect your information to the level you want. It is important to understand and utilize your privacy settings before you start to post content like discussion posts or journal entries. Understanding how privacy settings work will make sure that you don't accidentally display information to anyone you didn't intend to.

Before you begin: Tips to stay anonymous.

If you want your DailyStrength account to be completely anonymous, we suggest the following:

1) Create a username that isn't all or part of your real name and one that no one in your network of family, friends, or coworkers will recognize. If you already have a username and you would like to change it, READ THIS

2) Make sure to never reveal your real name or any personally identifying information (email address, phone number, location, work place, etc.) when you post content or even private message another member. Also avoid posting photos that include friends or family. This will help ensure that no one can trace your account back to you.

3) Use a separate email address from your personal or work email when you sign up. DailyStrength will never share your email, but it can be a good idea to keep your DailyStrength emails separate from your personal email if staying anonymous is important to you.


At DailyStrength, we make privacy our top priority. The new DailyStrength site makes it easier to set your privacy settings, block ignore users and keeps your identity safe and anonymous every step of the way.

To update your profile visibility, click “edit” from your profile page.

At the bottom of the form, select from the drop-down next to “Profile Visibility” then press “Submit”. Your profile and your content will be updated accordingly.

Helpful tip about privacy – Only your username, location, gender, birth date, website and description will be visible, and only if the aforementioned fields are filled in. If you leave them blank (with the exception of your username) it won’t display on your profile.

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